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Marketing Blogger, Consultant and Cartoonist for Hire

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Your art is so full of life and character. Every time I see one of your pictures, a story plays out perfectly in my mind. Your work is beautiful and I always look forward to seeing it. - Eleanor Knight

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As a freelance cartoonist, my job is to help your readers visualize your blog post, chapter, newsletter and any other type of concept-heavy, articulated or technical content your audience might have trouble visualizing or creating a mental scheme for.

For 2017, HubSpot reported 42 visual content marketing statistics on its blog, showing a growing trend user preference for visual content – and its effectiveness to help brand your content and make it memorable.

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Are You and Your Writing Clients Speaking the Same Language?“- (1 cartoon):

My cartoon for Sharon H. Hall's blog post

How Super Bloggers Work: Getting Efficient with A Blog Schedule” – (6 cartoons):

Cartoons for WHSR "Super Bloggers" blog post


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Christmas 2016 - CWI illustration

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Easter 2016 - CWI picture

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