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Luana Spinetti, Author, Cartoonist, B2B Digital Marketer and Copywriter

Luana Spinetti posing with arms crossed; bust image. Taken January 2020Hi! I'm Luana Spinetti, and for 10+ years I have provided B2B clients with copywriting services, cartoons and the power of my HSP empathy. More than ten years later, I decided to make the leap and focus on my own products -- while still taking up a few, hand-picked clients whose projects I greatly belief in.
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Freelance blogger at Monitor Backlinks Contributor at Freelance blogger at Freelance blogger at CoSpot

I have been a B2B copywriter and content marketer for the Marketing and Technology industry since 2009.

Also, as an artist, I have taken on art commissions since 2005.

Year 2020 is a huge turning point for me, as after more than 10 years writing for clients, I have chosen to ONLY offer copywriting and content marketing services to B2B businesses with projects I absolutely love it and I want to support it.

But I will still take up art commissions, even more than in the past.


Because I want to focus on writing marketing books, devote more time to consulting clients and create and sell Sci-Fi art and comics, and a few email courses.

Big projects take time. :) I want to give them that time. Starting 2020.

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