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Luana Spinetti posing with arms crossed; bust image. Taken January 2020Hi! I'm Luana Spinetti, and for 10+ years I have provided B2B clients in the SEO, Marketing and Software industry with blogging, copywriting and the power of empathy.

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Freelance blogger at Monitor Backlinks Contributor at Relevance.com Freelance blogger at WebHostingSecretRevealed.net Freelance blogger at CoSpot

I have been a B2B blogger and consultant for the SEO, Marketing and Software industry since 2009.

Year 2020 is a huge turning point for me, as after more than 10 years writing for clients, I'm also starting to work on my own products (i.e. marketing and SEO books and comics.

Meanwhile, I continue to offer blogging, copywriting and consulting services to B2B businesses with projects I absolutely love and I want to support.

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