Luana Spinetti

To Write and Paint a World That WORKS For YOU

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Luana is an excellent blogger and a great person to work with. She has been blogging and helping us grow at Web Hosting Secret Revealed for years. I am always impressed with the way she tackles a problem and goes into the extra detail. — Jerry Low, WHSR

Why Choose Luana Spinetti As Your Freelancer for Hire?

Luana SpinettiHi! Thank you for considering me! (That’s why you opened this page, right?) :-)

It’s me in the photo, happily waving hi back at you.

Did you notice that childlike expression on my face, didn’t you?

A few people make fun of me for that, but I know better – because that expression is actually one of my strongest professional (and human) traits.

It’s true — children inspire me to be a better person and professional every day.

Little people are pure energy, and they are warm and can-do, and I found that to be the most successful approach to business.

Without a child’s ability to see the world genuinely I wouldn’t be able to…

… write copy that hooks and converts

… produce artwork that effectively complements your content

… really listen to your needs and help you reach your highest potential

… so you see, it’s definitely a win-win for both of us. :-)
I’ve been writing, drawing and counseling clients with the joy and passion of a kid since 2009 (and since 2007 as a sponsored blogger), and so far my work didn’t fail their expectations.

So, YES, I can definitely help you.

Still skeptic? Ask my current and past clients.

My Approach To Work

Passion combined with Creativity is the fuel that drives me to work and makes me happy to be alive.

I like to be genuine about the things I do and I will do everything in my power to meet your expectations.

I treat my clients as the best of my friends because I deeply believe in human relationships and in collaboration.

As a client of mine, you are actively involved in the process — I’ll keep you updated on the progress with drafts, charts and previews. If there are any changes or improvements to discuss, I will work until both of us come to a satisfactory result.

I am…

How can you work without a little bit of healthy fun? ;D

Am I The Right Freelancer For Your Business?

I can be. I could be not.

It depends on your business needs.

If your business needs include–

✔ … a flexible freelancer

✔ … non-critical deadlines

✔ … a collaborative approach (constructive feedback and testing)

✔ … a warm and human touch

… then YES, I AM the right freelancer for you! :-)
Oh goodness, now I want to know what your project is about (contact me?).

HOWEVER, I may NOT be the right freelancer for you if–

✘ … you are looking for a 24/7 availability…

✘ … you require tight critical deadlines…

✘ … you need rush work…

✘ … you are so pressured you can’t allow 2-day extensions on deadlines.

The why is simple:

I suffer from (diagnosed) PCOS, hypothyroidism, emotional and sensory overload (diagnosed High Sensitivity), and (undiagnosed) my mind can only process information very slowly (no joking, I can’t even drive past 70 Km/h because my brain loses proprioception and stops understanding the visual and sensory input, so I haven’t touched a car in years).

These not-nice guys are the source of almost all my daily issues, and there are days when my mind or body simply stop functioning.

As a professional, that translates into having to work with as much flexibility as possible, so if that doesn’t work for you, I’m unfortunately not the right freelancer for you (I’m sorry about this, believe me).

Did you see anything you like?

Hey, I want to hire this kid! Let’s get in touch**

**Hey, thank you! :D