<h1>Luana Spinetti</h1>

Freelance Blogger for Hire (B2B, Marketing, SaaS)

Luana Spinetti’s Business Vision

I’m glad you clicked this page.

You may have noticed I quite do things my own way, even when they are unpopular among the most popular writers and artists.

I adopted a child-like vision of business and life, because children have a can-do positive attitude, they test, experiment, give their all to any endeavor they decide to dive into. And they maintain a sense of marvel for all things that makes them ethically whole. As an adult, I decided to never let go of my inner child so that I would carry all these qualities along with me throughout adulthood and all my life, personal and professional.

I founded the IAWSEO blog and community to rebel against the supremacy of Google – and big social platforms like Facebook – in marketing and reestablish the power of webmasters and marketers over their owned channels, to empower them to make their own choices according to their business vision and message, not someone else’s metrics.

I created Biz Character Blogging because I fell in love with having characters tell stories in their own voice, and because I believe that having an online place for your brand mascot to tell their story and interact with users can be a business plus, not a waste of time.

I only work with clients who understand and respect that I have health issues and do not shame me for being mentally and neurologically ill and unable to work on tight deadlines, hold meetings, make dozens of phone interviews and talk like I didn’t have sensory/emotional overload and anxiety issues and I wasn’t a soft-spoken introvert (I can fake it to a degree, but you can tell).

I do things my way and I’m not ashamed of that.

As I mentioned earlier in this page, I look at life and all things business like a child would: as an opportunity to do wonderful things, have fun, and grow as a human being and a master at my craft.

By remaining true to my vision – and by accepting the fact that I’m no superhero – I can be that wonderful and dedicated freelancer you need to push your business forward.

No hype, no fake promises – I give you what I promise, and I promise what I can honestly deliver within my limits. If a problem comes up, you’ll hear from me quickly plus ideas and suggestions on how to make it through it together.

But there’s more to it:

I will NOT work with you unless I believe in your project.

That’s it – you will never see me question your practices (unless something big happens, but even then I wouldn’t bite your head!), your business model, your way to do business, nor I will refuse to do my job because of it.

And the reason it’s simple: the moment I decided you and I were perfect matches, and that I could pick up your project, I was both professionally and ethically on your boat as one of your crew.

(If that’s not the case, or we’ve made a mistake, I’ll call it quits and either wish you good luck or help you find another professional in my network.)

If you like my mindset and work enough to hire me for your project, this is the page where you’ll find my contact information.