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Getting Realistic As a Freelance Writer – Now Offering 2 Blog Posts a Month (Plus 1 “Jolly”)

"Have a well earned rest..." by langgi

As I wrote in my recent post at The Pen Thinker, being a mentally and physically ill freelance writer is hard, but nothing makes life (and a career) harder than not setting realistic goals.

That was my failure for a long time: because other freelance writers were happily producing a post per week, I assumed I could work around my health issues to be that productive, too.

I was so wrong!

Life actually works the other way round (adapting a career to one own’s health challenges) and I wind up paying the consequences: a less stable mind, more intense physical pains and an overall struggle in producing quality work.

Well, I don’t want this to happen again, nor I want to feel guilty and depressed because I can’t give clients what they deserve on these terms.

Time for a (Realistic) Change

I’m going to have to cut down some workload to keep stress levels low, as high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) greatly impact my overall health, and the quality of my work as well.

I’ve beeng seeing doctors and a psychologist, and we’re working toward a therapy that will patch up both mental and physical imbalances, but a change in the way I handle my project is urgent, too.

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