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October 7, 2010 | 7:03 pm | Journal: NaNoWriMo, updates

My last entry was from July, it seems. Three months of silence in the writing world. Sad enough? Maybe. Truth is that I went through several hard times, which I cannot mention on this journal (and they would be inappropriate anyway), and the rest of the summer was around holidays and my fiancée, so you see, my writing activity has been kept dormant until ‘now’. I used the tildes here because I have not resumed working on my short stories yet; I should finish Evergreen before anything else, and then write my NaNoWriMo book right afterwards, on November. I had an idea for a plot a few weeks ago, but I should make sure it goes somewhere before I start writing for the contest; if it’s not going to land to a conclusion, I will just use one of my plots in the drawer of chances. I have a few cards to play, in that sense.

Author: Luana