From Riots to Civil War‭ ‬– Is This London’s Future‭?

May 31, 2012 | 2:58 pm | Journal: book reviews, guest writers

The riots in London that many people all across the world thought had to do with nothing more than the shooting of twenty-nine year old Mark Duggan,‭ ‬actually likely had multiple additional underlying causes.‭  ‬The shooting actually sparked fury that had been already brewing as a result of political and class tensions that were taking place throughout London,‭ ‬and the rest of England as well.‭  ‬Many individuals who followed the riots feel that the ruling elite in the country are responsible for the riots because so many cuts have been made to benefits provided for the lower class.‭  ‬Others feel that the riots are the direct result of black immigrants being allowed into the country.‭

The majority of people who followed the London riots that racked the city from‭ ‬August‭ ‬6th to August‭ ‬10th,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬simply blame it on criminal behavior.‭  ‬The problem with all of these different views as to how the riots got started is that without knowing the real underlying cause it will be difficult to determine if the violence of the riots can occur again,‭ ‬and ultimately lead to civil war.‭

While criminal activity has resulted in civil war in other,‭ ‬more unstable nations,‭ ‬it would be more likely to take severe political unrest and financial disparity to spark a civil war in London.‭  ‬Not to say that cannot happen though,‭ ‬because the possibility definitely exists.‭  ‬After watching the riots that spread throughout London it is much clearer to the people of London,‭ ‬and to the rest of the world,‭ ‬that violence can be sparked very quickly,‭ ‬and it can spread even faster.‭  ‬What started in London’s Tottenham district spread to multiple areas throughout the city,‭ ‬including the areas of Brixton,‭ ‬Enfield,‭ ‬Islington,‭ ‬Wood Green,‭ ‬Bromley,‭ ‬Camden,‭ ‬Chingford Mount,‭ ‬Clapham,‭ ‬Croydon,‭ ‬Ealing,‭ ‬East Ham,‭ ‬Hackney,‭ ‬Lewisham,‭ ‬Peckham,‭ ‬Stratford,‭ ‬Waltham Forest,‭ ‬and Woolwhich.‭  ‬In addition,‭ ‬riots popped up in various areas throughout the rest of England as well.‭  ‬With the violence being so widespread the chances of it resulting in civil war are much more likely than would be if the rioting was confined to one small area of London.‭  ‬The recent events that took place in London are sobering evidence of how quickly violence and chaos can be implemented and spread throughout an entire country.‭  ‬And where there is‭ ‬violence there is the possibility for civil war.‭  ‬The question is,‭ ‬who would the civil war be between‭?

For the most part the rioters seemed to not so much be out to hurt each other,‭ ‬but rather to make a statement regarding the perceived major inequality in London,‭ ‬and in England in general.‭  ‬If rioting were to be sparked again,‭ ‬and if civil war seemed to be in the future,‭ ‬the civil war would likely be between the poor,‭ ‬and the elite and the government,‭ ‬which is often the characteristic of civil war.‭  ‬And unless certain political issues in London,‭ ‬and in England in general,‭ ‬are not addressed the possibility of an approaching civil war will continue to exist.

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