Giving and Receiving

October 19, 2011 | 3:56 pm | Journal: on writing, updates

I love

Yes, it costs $25/month — and yes, I pay money to learn how to earn money.

Isn’t life all about giving and receiving after all?

That $25/month isn’t money wasted. The community is filled with experienced writers, journalists and magazine article writers, always ready to understand and give advice to young, less experienced writers such as myself.

Carol Tice — founder of the Den — is one of these wonderful writers I admire and continuously learn from. She’s amazing and caring, she’s given me so much good advice ever since I first talked to her, outside of the Den. She made me feel a worthy writer since the very start. Thank you Carol! 🙂

A small update on less serious stories

Aside from short stories, I do blog too, and I do Character Blog. Yes, I enjoy entering the shoes of a fictional character (mine or taken from a movie or anime) and tell their stories in first person.

I had fun with the inspiration a certain site – – has given me. Why a scrub store? –you’d ask. Well, there is no rational motif: I felt inspired and I used a few lab coats to generate a series of commentaries on robots wearing scrubs and why all across Robocity and a few robots from Cybertron. *smiles*

That’s the power of imagination for you.

Author: Luana