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November 30, 2010 | 7:53 am | Journal: NaNoWriMo, updates

I woke up earlier just to write more, and bring my NaNoWriMo to 31,000 words before its deadline. 🙂 No winning, no goodies. Just so much satisfaction, and 50+ pages a draft to work on in the next days. As the Japanese say: Gambatte!

EDIT:// I had meant to reach 31k, but I didn’t make it. I arrived very close to that though, and it was still a victory. 😀

NaNo is going to get my hands to type a novel again, next year. I hope there will be less life issues this time.

P.S. I wrote a post about NaNo non-winners HERE. It’s in Italian, but I’m going to add an English version soon, perhaps on this site.

Author: Luana