Web Hosting, Bigrock coupons and a home for our dreams

May 4, 2012 | 11:08 am | Journal: updates

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‘Web hosting’ is a contemporary term for a box filled with notebooks and pencils.

I thought that while browsing a Bigrock Coupons page on DomainPromoCodes.com (Bigrock is an Indian domain and hosting company, like GoDaddy).

bigrock coupon

We need a reliable web hosting service to make our dreams come true: not just our business, but our most personal projects, too— e-books, short stories, daily journals, personal networking. All that and much more. Web hosting is a box: it contains our works, dreams, projects. We need to take care of this box.

I was looking up Bigrock Coupon Codes because I might need to purchase an alternative hosting package to host all the new domain names I bought recently. A single reseller account would not suffice anymore.

So, I found a few good Bigrock Promo Codes that I deemed worth sharing:

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Disclosure: they are valid on publish date.

Author: Luana