<h1>Luana Spinetti</h1>

Freelance Blogger for Hire (B2B, Marketing, SaaS)

Contact Me

Do you want to request my fee schedule for writing services, contact me about a service or find out about my availability for interviews and expert roundups?

Please use the contact information on this page. (And feel free to come say ‘hi!’ on my social media.)

Skype: luanaspinetti*

* Phone number will be provided upon request via Skype or email. Because I’m based in Italy, I recommend phone calls only to prospective clients currently residing or working in Italy. If you are not based in Italy, you can still ask for my number for WhatsApp ONLY, text messages and audio messages ONLY.

E-mail Address: luana@luanaspinetti.com

(always CC to lou.seogirl@gmail.com so I’ll still get your email if my server goes down)

Social Networks

Twitter: @LuanaSpinetti

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/luanaspinetti

Facebook: facebook.com/LuanaSpinetti

Other Venues Where You Can Interact With/Find Me

I’m n0tSEO at WebmasterWorld.

Been a member since 2013, helping around with SEO issues and starting unpopular threads when I felt there was a need for one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m also on and off on Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den and Growth Hackers.