4 Things SEO Can Learn From a Good Movie

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SEO has a great engaging potential: it can brings people together and turn simple techniques into success, especially when combined with the use Social Media.

Even so, there is so much room for mistake, and most webmasters assume behaviors that put them at risk of seeing their efforts go to waste.

Think of a good movie. What does make it—well, good?

A Good Movie Is Entertaining

A good movie is like an interesting book, a sports you like playing, or a videogame on a  macbook air computer. In two words: it’s fun. For some unknown reason, SEO is hardly fun, interesting or adventurous —many webmasters believe SEO is nothing but a bunch of optimization techniques to splatter together to improve a website ranks.

Nothing could be wronger—if you don’t feel involved in your SEO campaign, your strategy is likely to fail, or to work partially at most.

Also, your SEO strategies should turn out to be fun for your visitors too: your site should not only be a big pot filled with a SEO soup, but an interesting place for your visitors to spend a pleasant time on. Hence, provide linkware freebies, a good and clean design, a message board and fun tips and content. All of these measures will engage your visitors and enhance SEO benefits.

A Good Movie Is Well Plotted

A good movie is well plotted, the story works and makes spectators feel like a part of it. Well—a good SEO campaign should present the same characteristics: a well-thought plan before techniques, a strategy that takes in consideration the pros and cons of every action and takes responsibility, and a webmaster that makes site visitors feel the center of their interests, not just mere Search Engine rankings.

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A Good Movie Has All-Round Characters

A good movie tells a story, and a good story is built on all-round characters. When you do SEO, your characters are your techniques: keep them fresh, engaging to visitors, non-spammy, dynamic —you must follow SEs changes closely and adapt your techniques. Your SEO must be alive and kicking at any time, not just when things go smooth.

A Good Movie Stays In Your Heart Forever

A good movie is hardly forgotten. Often, its success stays alive for decades, it passes to new generations, it gives life to movements of thought and fan communities. How can SEO turn your site into an everlasting success?

1. Make Good Use of Social Media. Visitors/readers seek feedback and appreciation. Give them, and they will love you!

2. Keep a Natural Link Profile. Google and other SEs love non-obsessive backlink profiles. Don’t develop a mania for dofollow links, but seek for good content to link, comment on, participate in.

3. Take a Habit to Think Over Your Actions. SEO is not about blind application of techniques, it’s about well-thought strategies and a response to your site needs. Ask yourself often: What does my site need now?, Should I promote it more on Social Media?, Should I engage my readers more?, Can I develop a set of freebie to gain my readers’ loyalty?

There is all to earn and pretty much nothing to loose. YOU are the only one who can turn your site into a success.

Image credit:  Salvatore Vuono / freedigitalphotos.net

Originally posted on: Written on October 18, 2011, Tuesday

Luana Spinetti is a B2B blogger and artist for hire based in Italy. She has been in business since 2009. When she's not busy writing or drawing for herself or her clients, you may find her reading a Sci-Fi book or scientific articles on robotics and Computer Science. Get in touch with Luana on Twitter (@LuanaSpinetti), Instagram (@luanaspinetti) or Goodreads.

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