Hello there! Welcome to I *Am* Without SEO (IAWSEO).

I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts for a while before coming here to see what’s about this crazy blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m Luana Spinetti, B2B Marketing copywriter, consultant and artist from Italy. Very nice to meet you!

As you may have noticed, IAWSEO is a different kind of SEO and Marketing blog. While I enjoy discussing standard practices in the industry, I’m also quite the rebel gal, and I like to experiment and promote webmasters’ independence over the forced denaturation of a website to make it likable by Google, Facebook and other platforms.

Independence Means Owning Your Platform

That’s your website, first and foremost, but also your blog, mailing list, forums and any other tools you may be using — and relying less on search engines and social media.

No, these guys are not the enemy — they’re allies, but YOU are the hero, and your blog has the right to exist without search engines.

So yes, if you are a webmaster or a marketer who does not agree with the Google culture and the mainstream SEO vision, IAWSEO is the blog for you.

Anyway, whether you agree with my philosophy or not, I hope you will find my posts (and the occasional guest post) helpful for your online marketing efforts.

Do get in touch if you have questions!

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