About Sponsored Circle

Sponsored Circle was born as a way to rebel against two sad realities in the world of online advertising:

We wanted to see more fairness in this industry, but we had no funds nor the legal means to found a startup, so we opted for the simplest available alternative– building a community website that educates bloggers and advertisers, fosters their interaction (without middleman) and offers them a discussion forum where they can find each other and discuss transactions.

We at Sponsored Circle are founders and volunteers at the same time. The community is part of our lives but does not define us. We only make money from Sponsored Circle when an advertiser decides we’re good enough for them to place an ad on the sidebar or in the form of advertorial content or a sponsored giveaway. That money helps us renew the domain, pay our hosting bills and buy hot coffee. If we want to make serious money with advertising, then we are just like any other bloggers using Sponsored Circle: we have our own blogs listed in the Bloggers Directory, with no special privileges or visibility, and we use the forums as any other blogger would.

That’s our guarantee of fairness.

Yes, we know this is a risky project, but like Seth Godin, we believe that only by taking risks we can help others (and ourselves) live a happier life.

Please, help us make the Web a better place to live in.

P.S. We nofollow Google.