reports over 10,000 Android apps for Airpush

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I’m only here to share a quick news that will make Airpush and Android enthusiasts happy.


According to an article published on, Airpush surpassed 10,000 Android Applications. Developers using Airpush to monetize and distribute their Android applications seem to be quite satisfied with the SDK, showing a growth of over 20% per week.

Airpush converts into substantial earnings for Android apps developers. In October, the range of CPM reached over $12 – a lot higher than other ad networks, including Admob. We don’t need to mention the huge benefit this vertical growth is having on young generations and their programming skills. Certainly Airpush constitutes a big incentive to apps programming.

With over 500 developer registrations per day, Airpush is a growing community that may soon monopolize the mobile ad industry. We’ll see what happens next.

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Originally posted on: Written on December 17, 2011, Saturday

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