The biggest flaws with SENuke XCR which make Ultimate Demon the better option

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I’m a very open minded person when it comes to SEO software. SENuke XCR is priced at about $150 a month and Ultimate Demon is priced at a one-time fee of about $400. There’s a big difference between these two prices, so SENuke XCR better offer some bang for the buck when it comes to functionality. I’m not affiliated with Ultimate Demon or SENuke XCR in anyway, so I thought I’d do a comparison on the two software’s and offer readers a chance to decide for themselves, which software they want use. The problem is, during our testing, we found the SENuke XCR has bugs and it’s an efficient at doing a lot of things that Ultimate Demon accomplishes very well. For the price, it doesn’t seem to offer much more than Ultimate Demon. However, there are some things that SENuke XCR has recently brought to the table that we hope Ultimate Demon will be able to compete with at some point in time.

What’s the big flaws?

One of the new features that the SENuke XCR developers added to the software was the ability to input your own lists of websites, so that you can link build to them. This is something Ultimate Demon has had since its release and SENuke XCR users were very eager to get this functionality. The issue is, SENuke XCR completely crashes when you try to add a large list of websites. Additionally, you have to add your lists in correspondence with what platform the sites are. For instance, you cannot add article dashboard article directories and article friendly article directories at the same time. You have to have your lists categorized based off the website that you scraped. This poses an issue for a lot of users, because some people like to scrape multiple platforms at the same time. Even worse, SENuke XCR has no way to trim down your lists or detect what platform the websites in your list are based off. Now, to me, this is a really big issue because these two problems with SENuke XCR have absolutely no fix. If they added a way to trim down your lists by running some type of platform detector and removing sites that are not able to obtain a connection, the problem would be solved within no time. However, since SENuke XCR added the ability to add your own websites, they have made very little initiative to add this functionality to the software. Meanwhile, Ultimate Demon has had this functionality since its beginnings and it works very effectively. A solution to adding your own sites with SENuke XCR would be to purchase Ultimate Demon and use the platform detector that it has, then add the same sites into SENuke XCR.

SENuke XCR does have a leg up though!

There are some things that SENuke XCR does a lot better than Ultimate Demon. Even when you consider the flaws above, these features still make the software standout. First and foremost, SENuke XCR performs better than Ultimate Demon when it comes to submitting to websites. It will register to your lists faster and it will submit to the sites faster as well. Now, if you aren’t a heavy user of the software, then using Ultimate Demon won’t be a problem for you. The fact that it lags behind SENuke XCR is not a big issue. However, we feel that the speed behind SENuke XCR makes a big notable competitor.

SENuke XCR also introduce something very interesting in its latest release. It’s actually Incorporated into the title of the software, it’s called crowd sourcing. Basically, SENuke XCR added a macro builder to the software that allows you to create your own custom scripts that will sign up and submit to websites. There a lot of other software titles that do this a lot better than the macro builder in SENuke XCR, including Zennoposter and UBot. However, something very notable that SENuke XCR provided, is a portal that allows you to share your scripts with others. Basically, when you create a script, you can add it to the portal where it can be downloaded by others and you will earn 10 points. These points that you earn for sharing a script of your own can then be used to download other scripts. Each download is going to cost you one point, so with your 10 points you should be able to download 10 other scripts. As long as you take active involvement with the macro builder, you’ll be able to obtain links on a wide variety of sites that SENuke does not support in the core functionality of the software. You can download a wide range of scripts that other people have created and shared. This is very innovative technology, it’s something that was not new, Sick Submitter and Magic Submitter had done it before, but the portal and sharing functionality that SENuke XCR introduced is far more advanced.

In conclusion, SENuke XCR has some very notable features but until these features progress, we can’t say it’s better than Ultimate Demon. When you compare the prices, Ultimate Demon is far more affordable and offers functionality that just can’t be forgotten about. Adding your own custom sites into Ultimate Demon is effortless and the program almost never crashes. This is something that you can’t say for SENuke XCR, during our testing we were able to crash the program multiple times, just by doing things that Ultimate Demon handles without issue. We’ve also experienced some problems with the updates that SENuke XCR initiates. The developers are very update heavy, they release updates sometimes as often as every day. While this can seem like a good thing, it results in problems. Often times, an update will be released that negatively impacts the software and causes additional bugs. For a regular user, this can be frustrating because you’ll constantly be having to worry about bad updates. The SENuke XCR team is usually on top of fixing any updates that arise, but they shouldn’t be releasing updates before the software is tested to be stable. With Ultimate Demon, you get regular updates but they only release an update to the software when it is justified. Typically, they solve dozens of bugs and add tons of new functionality to the software before an update goes live.

Before you decide to purchase one of these software titles, do some testing for yourself. SENuke XCR has a free trial and Ultimate Demon provides a moneyback guarantee. There’s literally no risk to try out either software, so you don’t have to rely on what I’ve told you before you make a purchase.

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