How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Small Business Website’s Rankings

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Recent changes to search engine algorithms have placed a greater emphasis on using social media as a part of your SEO campaign. Search engines are now looking for social factors that may indicate whether or not people find your website interesting, useful and compelling. If your website is believed to be a good source of information for someone searching for a specific keyword based on the social indicators noted by the search engines, your small business website will receive a boost in the search engine rankings as a result. Knowing how to leverage your Facebook page into increased rankings for keywords directly related to your business can have a huge impact on the bottom line of your business.

Share High Quality Content

The number one goal you should have when trying to improve your small business website’s rankings through the use of Facebook is to get other people linking to your Facebook page and small business website. The best way to accomplish this goal is to share high quality content via your Facebook page.

When you share nothing but high quality content on Facebook, you will be able to position yourself as an industry expert and build trust with your followers. When your followers view your business as an industry expert, they will be more likely to link to your website and Facebook page, which in turn will help increase your website’s rankings in the search engines.

Connect with your Fans

While you are repeatedly providing your Facebook fans with high quality content, you will also want to connect with your fans by entering in the conversation taking place on your Facebook page. By communicating with your customers, you will get a feel for the type of content they find most interesting so you can continue to provide them with similar content. This will help keep your
customers engaged with your small business and all of the different marketing channels you are utilizing.

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In addition to entering pre-existing conversations taking place on your Facebook page, you will want to reach out to other Facebook users by commenting on their posts. By taking the initiative to communicate with people who may find your business useful, you will be more likely to gain additional followers for your Facebook page. When you gain more followers, your number of backlinks will start to increase as more and more people will view your website and link to it if they like the content you provide. These additional organic backlinks will help push your website up the search engine results.

Run Contests

Running contests for your Facebook followers is one of the best ways to gain backlinks that will move your website up the search engine rankings. Everyone on Facebook loves to get free things, which is exactly what your contest can provide. A fun Facebook contest can help raise awareness about your brand as well as your small business website. When more people know that your website exists, they will return to it in the future when you post additional content and even link to your site when they really like the content you have posted.

Using social media to gain backlinks for your small business website is a wonderful way to boost your small business website’s rankings. Providing your fans with high quality content, engaging in conversations with your fans and running contests for your followers are just some of the ways you can use Facebook to help improve your website’s search engine rankings.

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Ben Sawyer is internet marketing consultant for more than 5 years. In this article he shared with us some of his most successful tips aboput Facebook marketing strategy, which he implemented in social media strategy campaign for Vandko Candles, one of his New York clients. 

Originally posted on: Written on October 30, 2012, Tuesday

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