Google Panda: How it Affects Your SEO

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Google Panda Algorithm

Recently, Google has put out an update to its search engine algorithm and it goes by the name of Panda. Now that this new update has been unleashed on the World Wide Web, may website owners and writers are asking the question of how it will affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many Ecommerce sites are worrying about the Panda backlash, and with good reason.

The whole point of Panda, and all other programs put out by Google, is to get rid of those who provide low quality information and especially those who keyword stuff. So really, the only ones who have to be worried are those who:

Shallow content sites sell products with low quality product descriptions. Product descriptions should be no less than 100 words, though the best ones have at least 250.

Duplicate content sites is another common SEO faux pa. For example, if you look up the phrase “Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney” and click on John Doe Attorney at law, you may see some great content and find exactly what you are looking for. But what if every attorney’s website returned in the search results for your Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney query had the same exact content as the first page? That would not be helpful to you at all, because you want to do your research and find the BEST option. Because of this, Google is going to rank whoever published the original content (who published it first, as discussed further down). If you are going to have two pages on your own website and you want the Panda to pass you by, make sure that each page has original (unique) copy on it.

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Finally, there is the copied duplicate content. This happens when you have taken your descriptions from a whole other site simply because you offer the same products and did not feel up to the task of writing your own descriptions. Google Panda will not be fooled and you will be tagged for this which means your ranking will take a hit. When your ranking takes a hit your sales take a hit as well, so you want to vamp up your SEO!

Keeping with good SEO practices is the only way not to feel any negative effects from Google Panda and besides that, strong SEO is just good practice.

Originally posted on: Written on March 8, 2012, Thursday

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