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Have you ever wondered what keywords the most popular websites rank for on Google?

A team of SEO and SEM specialists had the clever idea to develop a ranking tool that groups keyword searches for top ranked websites on the Web. The tool is avalable at “We researched top domains’ keywords, ads, traffic, traffic cost, etc. statistics”, the team says in the About Us page, “Then we made a summary report for each top domain and put it to”.

What keywords?

The user-friendly database of sitesemresearch was structured in a way that makes it easy for the end user to look up top websites ranked for each keyword. An example: clickable keyword “sites in greece” gets you to a Recently Processed Sites page that currently lists:,,,,

When I click on I enter a SEO/SEM report page complete with all the details for that site, which include:

What to use the tool for?

I knew you would ask that, or at least wonder when I was to indirectly answer that question. 🙂 My suggestion is to use site sem research as a competition research tool, to understand the dynamics of how top websites get ranked and how they fare on search engines throughout the year. This kind of research can help you improve target keywords for your website and work toward more specific SEO and SEM goals.

What other tools do you use for keyword research and competition analysis?

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