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It’s called Organic SEO, like those bio vegetables you buy at the grocery shop and that everybody loves because they are tasty and healthy.

Why organic SEO?

There, keywords are up there: tasty and healthy.

Tasty SEO

If you think of SEO as a mere group of techniques to improve your Search Engine rank, you fall into a pit. SEO can no longer be looked after as an aggressive manipulation of Search Engines and their power: Search Engines need be handled with care, attention to detail, experiences and a lot of ‘cuddles’.

Think of organic vegetables and fruit: you grow them with love, take care of them, give them proper time to grow and multiplies.

Same goes for organic SEO: it’s organic because it has a life of its own, it grows at its own rhythm and eventually rewards its caretakers (the SEOs and, obviously, their clients) with a tasty meal (the results).

Healthy SEO

By applying Black Hat SEO techniques to your or your clients’ websites, you are contaminating them with pesticides. You know, chemical agents can kill good vegetables and fruit when administered massively with aggressiveness.

You of course don’t want this to happen to your client’s website. Or to yours.

Black Hat SEO is the equivalent of a pesticide or a chemical agent: it works at first, but it produces damage in the long run. Forcing the nature of things is always counterproductive: your first, massive results will end up nullified in weeks (or worse —days) of time.

Do you want this to happen? No?

Then keep your SEO healthy.

Engage in Social Media conversations; grow trust in your client or yourself by leaving consistent, reliable feedback; make your customers’ needs YOUR needs. Eventually, build a community for them to feel loved and appreciated.

Real results come in the long run, and will come with all their instrinsic power. You’ll see.

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Originally posted on: Written on October 11, 2011, Tuesday

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