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Author, Cartoonist, Freelance Blogger for Hire (B2B, Marketing, SaaS)

When You Need a Cartoonist and Illustrator for Hire…

… is the time I come in!

Hi, fellow business owner! Tired of using the same old stock photos?

I’m a freelance cartoonist for hire and one of the reasons I became one is because I know how frustrating that can get.

There have been times when chronic health conditions didn’t allow me to draw my own illustrations and cartoons for the blogs I run, so I relied on stock photos.

Well, that wasn’t a great idea, after all… because they were the exact same photos used on other websites!

How would my brand ever stand out? (Even more so since I’m an artist and people would expect my artwork instead of stock photos. *blushes*)

I know how much of a difference custom cartoons and illustrations can make for readers and prospective customers, so that’s why I’m here to offer my art skills to help your business thrive.

Hear it from a past client:

I honestly enjoy working with Luana. She’s always eager to meet our needs. She’s bright, cheery, responsible, and meets her deadlines. She learns fast and is very cooperative. We have a lot of fun working together and it’s nice to know that we can be personable, joking, or businesslike and it always fits together without offense. I recommend this gal wholeheartedly. Thanks, Luana! — Deborah Owen, CEO of CreativeWritingInstitute.com

With a 3-year comic art diploma from the International School of Comics in my basket and 15+ years of drawing for clients, I can draw:

That’s right! In addition to cartoons and illustrations, I’m also a freelance comic artist who can draw to this level of detail:

Steelshifters comic page one

Steelshifters comic page one. (Please, don’t use without permission.)

Take a look at my portfolio links in the purple sidebar on this page or get in touch to discuss your project.