Luana Spinetti

B2B Marketing Copywriter, Blogger, Cartoonist for Hire

When You Need a Cartoonist and Illustrator for Hire…

… is the time I come in!

Hi, fellow business owner who’s tired to use the same ol’ stock photos.

I know how frustrating that can get. There have been times when many a health condition didn’t allow me to draw my own illustrations and cartoons for the blogs I run, so I relied on stock photos.

That wasn’t a great idea, though… because they were the exact same photos used on other websites! How would my own brand stand out?

I know how much of a difference custom cartoons and illustrations can make for readers and prospective customers, so that’s why I’m here to offer my artistic skills to you.

I honestly enjoy working with Luana. She’s always eager to meet our needs. She’s bright, cheery, responsible, and meets her deadlines. She learns fast and is very cooperative. We have a lot of fun working together and it’s nice to know that we can be personable, joking, or businesslike and it always fits together without offense. I recommend this gal wholeheartedly. Thanks, Luana! — Deborah Owen, CEO of

With a 3-year comic art diploma from the International School of Comics on my back, I can draw: