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Author, Cartoonist, Freelance Blogger for Hire (B2B, Marketing, SaaS)

Luana is a highly creative artist whose heart is always into her work. She can help you infuse true art into whatever project your company needs. โ€” Anthony Dejolde, The Write Freelance

My Rates for Art Services

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I draw logos for your business or personal website, newsletter, e-zine Cartoons (ink or full color).

For blogs, business websites, magazines and print publications. Flat rate fixed at $50/piece for this type of artwork.

Illustrations and Cartoons

What you can get for $15

Sketches (no background, B&W or colored): pencil or digital

Colored sketches (flats or ‘sketchy’ shading): digital color

What you can get for $20

Linework (no background): pencil, ink or digital

Little Scrap Robot - INKS - by RoboMommy

What you can get for $25

Linework (with background): pencil, ink or digital

Colored artwork (no background):

– digital color

Books and Young Readers by RoboMommy This is Motherlove by RoboMommy Little Girl with Puppy (Dedicated) by RoboMommy Frowing-girl by RoboMommy

– traditional color (pencils, Copic+Letraset markers)

What you can get for $30

Digitally colored artwork (traditionally drawn and inked, simple background)

What you can get for $45

Detailed artwork (pencil and/or ink, with or without digital color – you can have up to 8 characters for this one!)
Fantasy Caravan 2018 (Commissioned) by RoboMommy



Among the things I do as an artist, I’m a pencil sketch artist for hire.

Pencil-only artworks are a good choice if you just want to get a professional picture to ink and color yourself, if if you have an in-house artist or colorist.

It’s also a good choice if you run an online publication and you need a rough artwork your illustrator can use as a base.


You love the black & white style, don’t you?

Inked illustrations and comics are detailed, accurate works of art that portray substance and volume through well-thought out shades and lights.

They are a good choice if you have an in-house artist or colorist but no one who can tackle pencils and inks.

Digitally Colored

Cartoon style, realistic or manga. Multi-character, with or without background. A digitally colored version of the picture will be delivered by email, while the initial sketch and inked version (paper) can be shipped via registered mail (additional $10).

Paint Colored

Same as above, but your artwork is painted traditionally — acrylics, Ecoline, watercolor, mixed media, Pantone markers. This is your choice for characters placed in a natural environment, but every setting is appropriate with traditional coloring techniques. I offer a price range here because your final price depends on the complexity of the work you commission. Delivery by both email and registered mail ($10) is included with the price.

Comic Strips and Comic Pages

Comic Strips/Pages

Pencil Comic Strips: $45
Pencil Comic Pages: $80

Inked Comic Strips: $55
Inked Comic Panels: $100

Digitally Colored Comic Strips: $65
Digitally Colored Comic Pages: $130

Paint Color Comic Strips: $75
Paint Color Comic Pages: $180

Prices are intended for multi-character images, detailed backgrounds and accurate work.

All artwork is delivered either digitally (free) or by registered mail at the additional cost of $10.00, or both.

My standard format for artwork and comic strips is A4. For comic pages, I use either A4 or A3.

Payment Terms

Standard illustrations and cartoons require up-front payment within 7 days from commission.

Comic strips and comic pages require a 50% advance to be paid within 7 days from commission. The remaining 50% will be paid at delivery.

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