4 Ways To Pitch An Idea And Sell Your Articles

You want to sell your ideas, be it in business writing, scriptwriting, book writing, articles and other content.

But what should you do to pitch your ideas?

In this article I will show you some tips you can use to sell your articles.

Let’s begin!

1. Ask yourself questions

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself a few questions.

When you answer them you will get a better idea of how to sell your articles.

Question 1: What do you want?

What is your final goal?

What do you expect to happen?

Just name one goal that describes your situation best.

How far do you want to go?

When you know what you really want, this will make things easier, your statement clear and understandable.

What do you want to write about and what sectors are you good at?

Before proceeding to the next steps, it is a good idea to make things clear for yourself.

Question 2: What do people expect?

What do people expect to read in your articles?

You have to provide solid and credible statements and try not to mislead your audience in any way.

Question 3: What are the needs of the Internet?

What topics should your write about?

What information does the Internet lack?

What do users need more information about?

This will help you get an idea of what you could write about that will attract more visits and therefore more purchases.

2. Create a website or a blog

Having a website or a blog is the best way to sell your articles to the audience.

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A good approach would be to post a few paragraphs of an article and provide the entire text only after readers pay for it. If your posts are very good, systematic and succinct, undoubtedly people will flock to purchase your articles.

If you go for a website, make sure you choose a good domain name that is easy to remember and attractive. It should be a name that sells your idea best.

Creating a blog is even easier.

There are a number of sites that provide the opportunity to create your own blog without writing code and thinking of design.

They are abundant in templates and blog styles, which is very convenient and saves you time.

3. Or go another way…

To put it shortly, you can sell articles without owning a website.

You can choose to post your stuff on websites and get a percentage of the sales.

Or you can write articles and sell them to individual websites.

4. Use special websites for the purpose

There are websites designed to sell your articles. Or at least they provide you with the opportunity to do so.

These sites give you the chance to upload articles and set the price for them. If people are interested, they buy your work.

This is one of the easiest ways to make a profit from your articles. However, there is a catch. Most of the sites require a percentage of the sales you have made.

You may also sell an article more than once.

Or you can sell your products with exclusive rights. However, this doesn’t allow you to sell articles more than once. Fair enough, you can set a higher price.

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Depending on the topic and and length of the text, articles typically begin at $10 and go up to $40 and more. [Luana’s note: these are below-average beginner rates. Up your rates with the chosen platform or direct clients once you’ve got some experience under your belt!]

Another approach is to write an email to the webmaster of a particular site and ask them if they would like to publish your articles and pay for them.

There are a number of opportunities. If you want to be successful, however, you need to be persistent, to keep looking for new opportunities and markets and to research different subjects.

I hope you found these tips useful and informative. Good luck!

About the Author

July loves to share her experience. She works a part time job for Perfect Cleaning but in her free time she writes for a lot of blogs.