Partially Closing Business In 2015 – Here’s Why

What?! Is Luana closing business this year?!

If you were thinking that when you saw the headline popup, worry not— I’m definitely NOT going to close business! 🙂

Only partially.

And it means what I wrote on the homepage:

NOT accepting new clients between March 2015 and September 2015 due to severe health issues.

In short,

because of these health issues, I’m almost unable to work.

I said ‘almost’. It means I can still work, but I can’t clutter my schedule or work full hours.

I can currently work up to 3 hours a day, sometimes 4. Then there days when I just can’t work and I’m bound to bed, and days when I can work 9 hours plus some hobbies because I have so much energy to spend.

This is an erratic time in my life, so I have to cope.

The good news is that I’m under therapy, so this Luana should be a stronger, healthier and more energetic person in September. 🙂

If you are interested in my services but you hit my website between March and September, you can still email me: I will refer you to a group amazing freelancers in my network, or I will offer you to begin our collaboration in October 2015 if you’re not in a rush.

Thanks for checking in on me!

Image Credit (cc) Pascal

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