<h1>Luana Spinetti</h1>

Freelance Blogger for Hire (B2B, Marketing, SaaS)


Areas I Translated For:

christiansalerno.com / pianoexercises.net

April-May 2011

I translated more texts for christiansalerno.com, but I only inserted my best pieces here. If you wish to view the remainder, contact me.


On 2009 I translated a small package of articles from English into Italian for http://it.emcelettronica.com/. My role involved translating texts on someone’s behalf (ghost translation) therefore I can not insert links on this page. If you wish to view the original texts and my translations, feel free to contact me to get them as attachments or live links.


On 2009-2010 I provided short Italian-to-English translations for IceLab.eu.


I wrote small text translations about online dating and automotive on 2009/2010. However, I was never told about the destination website, therefore I have no links to share. If you wish to read these articles, contact me by email and I will send them as attachments.