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5 Reasons To Choose Luana Spinetti As Your Freelance B2B Blogger or Copywriter

Luana Spinetti

Hi! Thanks for thinking of me as your potential B2B blogger or copywriter for hire!

(At least, I suppose that’s why you opened this page, right?)

That’s me in the photo, happily waving hi and pleased to meet you.

Now, since you’re here to learn exactly how I can give your business that big boost in conversions and sales you’re looking for, I’ll skip any introductory chat and get straight on with the 5 reasons why choosing me to be your B2B copywriter might be a good idea.

(You can always read about me and my background on this other page.)

The necessary premise:

I only work with B2B clients in the SEO, Marketing, Advertising and Software industry.

On occasion, I will help B2B clients who provide products and services for breastfeeding mothers and bookshops/libraries — but that’s as much as my expertise extends to.

I will NOT writefor industries outside of the above-mentioned, unless you’re looking for SEO and tech consultation or artwork to complement your content… and that’s doable. Visit this and this other page to see what services I offer as an artist and a consultant.

First Reason: Empathy

I’m a kid-at-heart and an empathic person (HSP, acronym for Highly Sensitive Person), both qualities a plus when it comes to seeing things from different angles and understanding clients’ pain points.

In fact, before I start working for a new client, I’ll ask a lot of questions on the target audience, and study personas carefully.

And before I sit down to write, I’ll go out of a walk and think – what if I’m suddenly in my client’s prospective customer’s shoes? What will I do? What will I be so desperately looking for?

I will connect logically and emotionally with the prospect. A la Spock from Star Trek: TOS, but without touching the prospect’s head.

Yeah, not like this. (Source: Giphy)

Once I get back home, I’ll put the answers in writing and use them to play around a little (writing mock copy, short Q&A, and so on). Then I’ll use that material as a basis to write copy or blog posts for my client.

Second Reason: Expertise

I test and practice what I preach, simply because I enjoy it.

That makes can make the difference when you deal with software, protocols and tools that need to be well known in order to produce blog posts and copy that stand out and convert readers into buyers.

Since 2006, I’ve been playing with WordPress, plugins, Monitor Backlinks, Woorank, various social networks, Ubersuggest and other proprietary, SaaS and open source software, so I know the technology used in Marketing.

I can code simple PHP scripts and hand-code my own WordPress themes, so I know what happens behind the scenes of a website.

I’m a website owner who needs to convert visitors into clients or advertisers, so I know sales, SEO and Digital Marketing.

Your business uses a brand new tool? Let me play with it, test it and collect data — I’ll then be ready to write blog posts and copy that will attract traffic and conversions.

Third Reason: Experience

That amounts to 10+ years of writing for B2B clients.

While I officially started in 2009, I was already writing sponsored content and IT and SEO text translations (English-to-Italian) in 2007 and 2008.

I have worked with dozens of clients over the last decade, including big outlets like Relevance.com and brand blogs like Monitor Backlinks.

Fourth Reason: Specialty

I only write for and about:

As I said, the Marketing and Software industry, right? 🙂

And finally,

Fifth: A Kid-at-Heart

Literally, children inspire me to be a better person and professional every day. They’re pure energy, they are warm and can-do, and I found that to be the most successful approach to business.

The truth is that without a child’s ability to see the world with a child’s wonder I wouldn’t be able to really listen to your needs and help you reach your highest potential with copy that hooks and converts.

My inner child is the boss. I’m merely the director.

Read about my Writing Process to get an overview of my approach

In addition to B2B writing, I’m also a cartoonist with a portfolio of dozens of art commissions and a comic book school diploma (2008). If you would like to add artwork to your blog posts or other copy, please take a look at my art portfolio and rates.

Am I The Right Freelancer For Your Business?

I hope to hear an enthusiastic YES!

But maybe I’m not — it depends on your business needs.

Let’s read what Monitor Backlinks Editor Jade Mudri has to say about me:

Jade Mudri, Monitor BacklinksI’ve had the pleasure of working with Luana on Monitor Backlinks blog posts, and she makes my job as an editor very easy. Not only is she an excellent writer, but she always goes above and beyond to include original expert quotes and super-valuable first-hand insights in her post submissions. Due to her chronic health issues, she often needs extensions to complete her work to a high quality — but I haven’t found it to be a detriment in any way. She always keeps me up to date so publishing can stay on schedule. I’d gladly recommend Luana to anyone who values quality of work over quantity! — Jade Mudri, Editor at Monitor Backlinks

So, to sum it up:

So it’s simple! If your business needs include–

✔ … a B2B writer who’s obsessed with helping your audience

✔ … a professional who will save you time and money

✔ … non-critical deadlines or no issues with rescheduling

✔ … a collaborative approach (constructive feedback and testing)

✔ … a warm and human touch

… then YES, I AM the right freelancer for you! ?
Now I want to know what your project is about (contact me?).

Hey, I want to hire Luana! Let’s get in touch**

**Hey, thank you! ?