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Luana is a highly creative artist whose heart is always into her work. She can help you infuse true art into whatever project your company needs. — Anthony Dejolde, The Write Freelance

What Do I Charge for Freelance Content Marketing and Copywriting?

Updated as of Nov 22, 2019

Thank you for your interest in my freelance writing services!

I charge flat rates per project (and word count ranges) as listed below:

Blog posts / Content Marketing
$150 per 800-1,200 words
$250 per 1,300-2,000 words
$350 per 2,100-3,000 words
$450 per 3,100-4,000 words
$600-$800 from 4,100 and up*
May include 1 free illustration
Note: there is a 100-word length gap between rates. If our content ends in that 100-word gap, I’ll charge the lower tier.
* Huge articles require extensive work that can span over a whole month or more. How much I will charge from this point on depends on the project requirements.

Guides / eBooks
starts at $300 per page (1 page is about 300 words)
May include up to 3 free illustrations

Press Releases
$800 per piece

Web Copywriting
$300 per page (about 600 words)

Landing Pages
$850 per project (usually 1 page)

My freelance blogging / content marketing rates include:

Freelance copywriting rates include all of the above plus the thorough review of any marketing and product / service material I’ll need to study to write the right copy for your business.

On a smaller budget?

No problem!

If you are a charity or a startup, I’d love to offer you a 15% discount on every service as a first-time client.

The discount is valid for the whole first contract year, so you are covered for 12 months.

If you are not a charity or a startup, please contact me for a potential custom quote.

Contact me to discuss your project