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Luana Spinetti, Author, Cartoonist, B2B Digital Marketer and Copywriter

Nina Evseenko, Founder of BTDiggLuana is an excellent, creative writer who sees various aspects of a subject and instantly conceives a lot of technical details. I highly recommend Luana. - Nina Evseenko, founder of BTDigg

I’m a Results-Oriented B2B Marketing Writer and Content Marketer

I specialize in the Marketing niche because I love how immensely creative human beings can get when it comes to promoting crafts and ideas.

I can use words to tell stories that capture and convince.

You know, using stories to achieve results.

Besides, content writing, messing with Twitter and Facebook, experimenting with SEO and marketing software are my daily realities and I’m also a passionate webmaster and blogger who runs a ton of websites.

All I have to do for work? Continue doing what I already loved doing!

I experienced it with my own websites and then with my own business, too: I’m always testing content marketing tools, playing with social media and trying to make the most out of the few bucks I can invest in growing my tiny business.

And well… I want to be part of that change in the life of other website owners and businesses, too!

So here I am: as a marketing content writer I want to help you turn your ideas, services and products into that one big thing your prospective customers were looking for!

To engage readers with your business is my mission—and I’m both professionally and humanly devoted to

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Readers’ Testimonials

Sharon Hurley Hall, freelance writer and blogger at“I’ve been following Luana’s posts for a while now and have been particularly impressed with the quality of the content she writes for WebHostingSecretRevealed. She writes in an appealing and readable style and after reading one of Luana’s pieces I am always better informed.” – Sharon Hurley Hall, freelance writer and blogger –

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Readers’ Testimonials

“I had an excellent time working with Luana and was taken aback by her creative and perfect writing skills. I love the way how she takes time knowing her clients and the model of the business and then carefully picking the correct tone to entice readers. I truly recommend her to anyone! – Jesse, CEO – All Insurance Brokers